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Rental of premises in JSC Technopark of High Technologies

High Technology Technopark JSC, aiming to develop promising areas of activity for its residents, contributing to the formation of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in the Penza region, leases to enterprises and organizations premises for production and offices with the possibility of using the Technopark infrastructure.


JSC "Technopark of High Technologies" offers for rent office, industrial, warehouse premises with different layouts and areas. The premises are located on floors 1-5 of the complex. A resident can combine production and office at one facility. Technical requirements for the premises can be adapted to the requirements of the tenant.

Engineering communications:

Engineering communications guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the property complex. Life support systems maintain optimal temperature conditions and create favorable conditions for business activities.


In addition to leasing office, industrial, and warehouse premises, Technopark of High Technologies JSC offers a list of services aimed at ensuring a comfortable stay for resident companies: renting high-tech equipment and office furniture to residents, renting a conference room, meeting room, as well as services of service residents of Technopark.

Didn't find the right room?

Check with our specialist if the Technopark of High Technologies JSC has a suitable room for you:

Leading Specialist - Zavyalova Marina Sergeevna

- phone: (8412) 67-99-32;

- Email: rent-tvt-penza@mail.ru.