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On August 04, 2021, the Rameyev High-tech Technopark hosted a professional skills competition "The Best by profession" in the furniture industry in the nomination "The Best collector of cabinet furniture".


In a solemn atmosphere, the competition was opened by the Acting Minister of Industry and Innovation Policy of the Penza Region, M. N. Torgashin.

The competition of professional skills "The best in the profession" in the Penza region has been held since 2011. Its purpose is to identify and encourage the best specialists in working professions of the leading sectors of the economy of the Penza region, to increase the prestige of working professions among young people, to spread advanced labor techniques and methods of organizing production.

The competition is held in 10 categories, in each of which theoretical knowledge and practical skills are tested. The most popular professions are selected annually, the list of nominations of the competition is expanding.

The competition consists of two stages: theoretical and practical. Within the framework of the practical task, the jury members evaluate such criteria as the time of completion of the practical task, the quality of work, compliance with safety rules at the workplace.

IMG_1384.JPG IMG_9045.JPG

During its existence, the professional skills competition "The best in the profession" has rightfully gained trust among the residents of the region. The popularity of the competition attracts students of specialized colleges to the ranks of its participants.

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